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MX is the new series of air treatment components realized by Camozzi, characterized by a modern, linear and compact design, offering high performances. The perfect integration between metal alloys and technopolymers has allowed the realization of a reliable product, light and strong at the same time. Thanks to a new concept of modularity, moreover, the mounting of components has become easier.
MX2-3/8-FC10 Coalescing Filter-3/8-1 micron-semi auto-connection 1/8 £85.02
MX2-3/8-FC13 Coalescing Filter-3/8-1 micron-auto-connection 1/8 £137.09
MX2-3/8-FC15 Coalescing filter3/8-1 micron-semi depress. drain-protected £93.46
MX2-3/8-FCA Active carbon filter £139.48
MX3-1-F00 Filter-1-25 micron-semi auto drain £66.41
MX3-1-F03 Filter-1-25 micron-auto drain £103.56
MX3-1-F08 Filter-1-25 micron-1/8 drain £66.41
MX3-1-F10 Filter-1-5 micron-semi auto drain £66.41
MX3-1-F13 Filter-1-5 micron-auto drain £103.56
MX3-1-F18 Filter-1-5 micron-1/8 drain £66.41
MX3-1-FC00 Coalescing filter-1-0.01 micron-semi auto drain £146.21
MX3-1-FC03 Coalescing filter - 1- 0.01 micron- auto drain £173.57
MX3-1-FC08 Coalescing Filter-1-0.01 micron-1/8 drain £146.21
MX3-1-FC10 Coalescing Filter-1-1 micron-semi auto-connection 1/8 £146.21
MX3-1-FC13 Coalescing Filter-1-1 micron-auto-connection 1/8 £173.57
MX3-1-FC18 Coalescing filter-1-1 micron-1/8 drain £146.21
MX3-1-FCA Active carbon filter £151.96
MX3-3/4-F00 Filter-3/4-25 micron-semi auto drain £66.41
MX3-3/4-F03 Filter-3/4-25 micron-auto drain £103.56
MX3-3/4-F08 Filter-3/4-25 micron-connection 1/8-no drain £66.41
MX3-3/4-F10 Filter-3/4-5 micron-semi auto drain £66.41
MX3-3/4-F13 Filter-3/4-5 micron-auto drain £103.56
MX3-3/4-F18 Coalescing filter-3/4-1 micron-no drain-connection 1/8 £66.41
MX3-3/4-FC00 Coalescing filter-3/4-0.01 micron-semi auto drain £146.21
MX3-3/4-FC03 Coalescing filter-3/4-0.01 micron-auto drain £173.57
MX3-3/4-FC08 Coalescing Filter-3/4-0.01 micron-no drain-connection 1/8 £146.21
MX3-3/4-FC10 Coalescing Filter-3/4-1 micron-semi auto-connection 1/8 £146.21
MX3-3/4-FC13 Coalescing Filter-3/4-1 micron-auto-connection 1/8 £173.57
MX3-3/4-FC18 Coalescing filter-3/4-1 micron-no drain-connection 1/8 £146.21
MX3-3/4-FCA Active carbon filter-3/4 £151.96
MX2-1/2-F00 Filter-1/2-25 micron-semi auto drain £36.77
MX2-1/2-F03 Filter-1/2-25 micron-auto drain £88.46
MX2-1/2-F05 Filter-1/2-25 micron-depressurisation drain-protected £45.19
MX2-1/2-F08 Filter-1/2-25 micron-1/8 drain £36.77
MX2-1/2-F10 Filter-1/2-5 micron-semi auto drain £36.77
MX2-1/2-F13 Filter-1/2-5 micron-auto drain £88.46
MX2-1/2-F15 Filter-1/2-5 micron-depressurisation drain-protected £45.19
MX2-1/2-F18 Filter-1/2-5 micron-1/8 drain £36.77
MX2-1/2-FC00 Coalescing filter-1/2--0.01 micron-semi auto drain £85.02
MX2-1/2-FC03 Coalescing filter - 1/2- 0.01 micron- auto drain £137.09
MX2-1/2-FC05 Coalescing filter-1/2--0.01 micron-semi dep. drain-protected £93.46
MX2-1/2-FC08 Coalescing filter-1/2--0.01 micron-1/8 drain £85.02
MX2-1/2-FC10 Coalescing filter-1/2--1 micron-semi auto-connection 1/8 £85.02
MX2-1/2-FC13 Coalescing filter-1/2--1 micron-auto-connection 1/8 £137.09
MX2-1/2-FC15 Coalescing filter-1/2--1 micron-semi dep. drain-protected £93.46
MX2-1/2-FC18 Coalescing filter-1/2--1 micron-1/8 drain £85.02
MX2-1/2-FCA Active carbon filter £139.48
MX2-3/4-F00 Filter-3/4-25 micron-semi auto drain £36.77
MX2-3/4-F03 Filter-3/4-25 micron-auto drain £88.46
MX2-3/4-F05 Filter-3/4-25 micron-depressurisation drain-protected £45.19
MX2-3/4-F08 Filter-3/4-25 micron-connection 1/8-no drain £36.77
MX2-3/4-F10 Filter-3/4-5 micron-semi auto drain £36.77
MX2-3/4-F13 Filter-3/4-5 micron-auto drain £88.46
MX2-3/4-F15 Filter-3/4-5 micron-depressurisation drain-protected £45.19
MX2-3/4-F18 Coalescing filter-3/4-1 micron-no drain-connection 1/8 £36.77
MX2-3/4-FC00 Coalescing filter-3/4-0.01 micron-semi auto drain £85.02
MX2-3/4-FC03 Coalescing filter - 3/4- 0.01 micron- auto drain £137.09
MX2-3/4-FC05 Coalescing filter3/4-0.01 micron-semi dep. drain-protected £93.46
MX2-3/4-FC08 Coalescing Filter-3/4-0.01 micron-1/8 drain £85.02
MX2-3/4-FC10 Coalescing Filter-3/4-1 micron-semi auto-connection 1/8 £85.02
MX2-3/4-FC13 Coalescing Filter-3/4-1 micron-auto-connection 1/8 £137.09
MX2-3/4-FC15 Coalescing filter3/4-1 micron-semi depress. drain-protected £93.46
MX2-3/4-FC18 Coalescing filter-3/4-1 micron-1/8 drain £85.02
MX2-3/4-FCA Active carbon filter £139.48
MX2-3/8-F00 Filter-3/8-25 micron-semi auto drain £36.77
MX2-3/8-F03 Filter-3/8-25 micron-auto drain £88.46
MX2-3/8-F05 Filter-3/8-25 micron-depressurisation drain-protected £45.19
MX2-3/8-F08 Filter-3/8-25 micron-connection 1/8-no drain £36.77
MX2-3/8-F10 Filter-3/8-5 micron-semi auto drain £36.77
MX2-3/8-F13 Filter-3/8-5 micron-auto drain £88.46
MX2-3/8-F15 Filter-3/8-5 micron-depressurisation drain-protected £45.19
MX2-3/8-F18 Coalescing filter-3/8-1 micron-no drain-connection 1/8 £36.77
MX2-3/8-FC00 Coalescing filter-3/8-0.01 micron-semi auto drain £85.02
MX2-3/8-FC03 Coalescing filter - 1- 0.01 micron- auto drain £137.09
MX2-3/8-FC05 Coalescing filter-3/8-0.01 micron-semi dep. drain-protected £93.46
MX2-3/8-FC08 Coalescing Filter-3/8-0.01 micron-1/8 drain £85.02
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