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These unidirectional and bidirectional flow controllers have been designed as small as possible so as to be mounted directly on valves or cylinders. The great variety of adjustable fittings makes it possible to complete the regulator with the most suitable system in relation to the available tube. Only the G1/2 model is supplied complete with banjo flow controllers. For the other models the banjo flow controller is to be requested separately.
MCO 702-M5 Flow control valve-manual-bidirect-M5 £10.03
MCO 704-1/8 Flow control valve-manual-bidirect-1/8 £7.63
MCO 706-1/4 Flow control valve-manual-bidirect-1/4 £8.25
MCO 710-1/2 Flow control valve-manual-bidirect-1/2 £47.23
MCU 702-M5 Flow control valve-manual-cyl unidirect-M5 £13.23
MCU 704-1/8 Flow control valve-manual-cyl unidirect-1/8 £9.52
MCU 706-1/4 Flow control valve-manual-cyl unidirect-1/4 £10.71
MCU 708-3/8 Flow control valve-manual-cyl unidirect-3/8 £21.97
MCU 710-1/2 Flow control valve-manual-cyl unidirect-1/2 £51.40
MVU 702-M5 Flow control valve-manual-valve unidirect-M5 £13.23
MVU 704-1/8 Flow control valve-manual-valve unidirect-1/8 £9.52
MVU 706-1/4 Flow control valve-manual-valve unidirect-1/4 £10.71
MVU 710-1/2 Flow control valve-manual-valve unidirect-1/2 £47.23
SCO 602-M5 Flow control valve-screwdriver-bidirect-M5 £9.01
SCO 604-1/8 Flow control valve-screwdriver-bidirect-1/8 £6.39
SCO 606-1/4 Flow control valve-screwdriver-bidirect-1/4 £7.27
SCO 610-1/2 Flow control valve-screwdriver-bidirect-1/2 £47.23
SCU 602-M5 Flow control valve-screwdriver-cyl unidirect-M5 £11.98
SCU 604-1/8 Flow control valve-screwdriver-cyl unidirect-1/8 £8.61
SCU 606-1/4 Flow control valve-screwdriver-cyl unidirect-1/4 £9.52
SCU 608-3/8 Flow control valve-screwdriver-cyl unidirect-3/8 £19.63
SCU 610-1/2 Flow control valve-screwdriver-cyl unidirect-1/2 £51.40
SVU 602-M5 Flow control valve-screwdriver-valve unidirect-M5 £11.98
SVU 604-1/8 Flow control valve-screwdriver-valve unidirect-1/8 £8.61
SVU 606-1/4 Flow control valve-screwdriver-valve unidirect-1/4 £11.30
SVU 610-1/2 Flow control valve-screwdriver-valve unidirect-1/2 £47.23
Series RSW flow control valves with silencer
RSW 1/2 Silenced exhaust regulator-brass-sintered bronze-1/2 £19.63
RSW 1/4 Silenced exhaust regulator-brass-sintered bronze-1/4 £7.27
RSW 1/8 Silenced exhaust regulator-brass-sintered bronze-1/8 £6.76
RSW 3/8 Silenced exhaust regulator-brass-sintered bronze-3/8 £14.54
These unidirectional and bidirectional blocking valves have been realised in order to enable mounting directly on cylinders. The inner design of the blocking valves Series VBO and VBU allows a very high flow rate and reliable operation. These valves can be mounted directly also on distribution and fluid control blocks.
VBO 1/4 Blocking valve-bidirectional-1/4 £36.43
VBO 1/8 Blocking valve-bidirectional-1/8 £33.13
VBO 3/8 Blocking valve-bidirectional-3/8 £46.20
VBU 1/4 Blocking valve-unidirectional-1/4 £36.43
VBU 1/8 Blocking valve-unidirectional-1/8 £33.13
VBU 3/8 Blocking valve-unidirectional-3/8 £46.20
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